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FAMILIES at St. Paul's

Growing in love, together


Children and youth are the heart of St. Paul's.


They participate in all aspects of parish life: leading worship as acolytes and musicians, learning and growing in faith, and serving the broader Southington community.

From entering Wee Seekers at 18 months to going on a pilgrimage as a teen, our kids learn about God from their teachers and from one another.

We recognize all kinds of families and the many ways that God shows forth love in our lives. And we hope that St. Paul's will become part of your chosen family!

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Where is God? How does the Holy Spirit move in our lives? What does it mean to follow Jesus in a broken, modern world? How should we understand the teachings of the Bible?

At St. Paul's, we're always growing further into the full stature of Christ—together!

Learn about Christian formation at every stage of life:




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At St. Paul's we call Sunday School "Christian Formation." Christian Formation describes the life-long journey we all undertake to be Christians in the Episcopal Church.


Grouping children together by age is a way in which we can learn effectively.  Ages are grouped so that they learn from each other and make friends with younger and older children.

It's not "education" quite; there is no certificate marking an end-point to this process. It's up to each of us to take responsibility for what we believe and to decide whether we want to be an active part of this faith-community. If so, in what way can we serve while always growing in our faith?

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