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In our youth formation program, our youth design their room spaces as "living room" spaces, which are spaces for discussion and community as they journey to adulthood together.

Mission and outreach is a very important part of our ministry, and also partaking in special events.


We also love to celebrate life and transition milestones throughout our journey! 

Rite 13

7th to 9th grade

Rite 13 builds to J2A and includes many opportunities to mark the challenging transitions from life as a middle schooler to life in high school.

Rite 13 Ceremony 2022.jpg
J2A St. Paul's 2022.jpg

Journey to Adulthood (J2A)

10th to 11th grades

Journey to Adulthood (J2A) encourages relational ministry and uses Bible study, prayer, rites of passage, outreach ministries—and both serious and playful activities.

Youth Pilgrimage and Mission Trips

during and at the end of J2A

Mission trips help us grow in serving our neighbor and loving them as ourselves. PStudents in J2A fundraise for their pilgrimage and choose as a class where they would like to go: San Diego, Grand Tetons, Alaska, etc.

Wyoming Pilgrimage 2021.JPG
St. Paul's Confirmation.JPG


after J2A, or adults

Confirmation class is taught by Rev. Helena. Youth confirmation classes meet monthly, October through March, every other year. Adult confirmation classes meet periodically as needed.


The teachers at St. Paul's are... you!

All training and curricula are provided for you. All you need is to love kids and be curious about how to teach them about God.

Think you might want to teach Children's formation? Get in touch with Jenn Handi to learn more!

Everyone who works with children at St. Paul's undergoes a background check.


They also undergo regular Safe Church training through the diocese to keep everyone safe. Children are never left alone with any one adult; there are always two (unrelated!) teachers in each room.

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