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  • Rev. Helena Martin

An Advent Community of Prayer

Welcome to Advent! Advent is a season of waiting and preparation. For the past several years, Forward Movement has cultivated a global #AdventWord calendar to create an international community of prayer online.

Each day has one word on which we will all center our prayers. This is one way to give shape to your prayer life in Advent.

#AdventWord: a global Advent calendar. Each calendar date has a word associated with it: 28 Promise, 29 Strength, 30 Soul, 1 Path, 2 Justice, 3 Fulfill, 4 Heart, 5 Praise, 6 Everlasting, 7 Offering, 8 Messenger, 9 Splendor, 10 Repent, 11 Compassion, 12 Expectation, 13 Share, 14 Exult, 15 Stir, 16 Gladness, 17 Bountiful, 18 Sing, 19 Blessed, 20 Feed, 21 Generations, 22 Magnify, 23 Flock, 24 Greeting, 25 Child

The Episcopal Church in Connecticut is following along, and you're invited to participate there. Check out the ECCT Facebook page for each day’s word and reflection, then share your own comment in response.

And here are other ways to participate on a more global scale.

I hope you’ll find #AdventWord helpful. I plan to participate on Twitter as a special way to focus my prayers in this important season!


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