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Each week in the 2023-2024 year, we set aside one verse from the Bible to center our week together.


The verses come from all kinds of books of the Bible: Old Testament stories, prophets, wisdom literature, gospel stories of Jesus, and New Testament teachings.


You're invited to engage with the verse in any way that's meaningful to you.

We do a lot of things to engrave scripture on our hearts at St. Paul's. We read the Bible aloud, Old Testament and New, each week. We hear sermons to open the words of scripture to us in new ways. The words of the Book of Common Prayer are filled with words and passages from the Bible, so that many of us have them memorized. We sing words from the Bible in hymns and anthems.

But all of that happens on Sunday mornings.


What about the rest of the week?

See below to find this week's verse and some suggested ways to engage with it.

Life at St. Paul's

On Your Own

Spend some time journaling about the verse.

  • What have you been taught about this verse?

  • How does it make you feel?

  • What first comes to mind when you read it?

  • Does the verse make you think of any particular time in your life?

Memorize the verse.

  • Handwrite it once or twice each day.

  • Recite it aloud.

Read the verse in context.

  • Look up the verse and read the verses before and after it. (BibleGateway is a good resource for this.)

  • Learn more about the book of the Bible where it came from. (Yale Bible Study is a good resource for this.)

With Family and Friends


Read the verse aloud.

  • For example, at the dinner table each night, have a different family member read it as a prayer.

Read and discuss different translations.

  • Where are the translations different from one another? How do the differences affect the meaning? (BibleGateway is a good resource for this.)

Make art for the verse.

  • Write it in special lettering and decorate it.

  • Depict the verse in abstract shapes and colors.

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