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  • Mary Palinkos

St. Paul: Man of Mystery!

St. Paul might seem bookish, workmanlike, and no fun at parties. But the truth is that there are several mysteries swirling around this most well known apostle. For instance, what WAS the thorn in his flesh that he prattles on about in 2 Corinthians?

Today, however, we consider another mystery: did Paul go to Spain? He announced his intention to do so in his Letter to the Romans. Yet the Book of Acts finishes with Paul in a house in Rome, receiving guests for two years (Chapter 28).

So he didn't go to Spain, right? Well, not so fast. Some early sources suggest that Paul did, in fact, make it to Spain. For example, Pope Clement I, in his letter to the Corinthians around the year 96, notes that Paul went "to the extreme limit of the west".

Perhaps most mysteriously, in 1871 a 29th chapter of Acts surfaced, which details Paul's trip to not only Spain, but Britain as well. Curious about what it says? Read the attached PDF! But reader is most likely a modern fraud. :)

Long Lost Chapter of the Acts of the Apo
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