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  • Mary Palinkos

Update from Our Bishops

Bishops Ian Douglas and Laura Ahrens have released a statement in response to this past week's Supreme Court rulings. I encourage you to read their full statement here.

They're writing regarding the decisions handed down on New York State Rifle v. Bruen (regarding commonsense laws on carrying weapons in public) and on Dobbs v. Jackson (regarding access to privacy and reproductive healthcare in the form of abortions).

About gun laws, Bishops Ian and Laura say:

Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling, however, puts people of faith at even greater risk when we gather for prayer, worship, fellowship and service. At the same time, we thank our elected officials in Washington DC, especially Senators Murphy and Blumenthal and their key leadership, in passing a bipartisan gun bill signed into law by President Biden today.

Regarding abortion access, Bishops Ian and Laura say:

Yesterday’s decision is not only contrary to our church’s position, but will result in unequal access for women seeking healthcare across the United States, disproportionately harming poor women.

Thank you for taking a few moments to read their words. Remember that the St. Paul's community and I are here for whatever pastoral needs you have, in response to these rulings or in general. God bless you, and stay safe.


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