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  • Mary Palinkos

Welcome back—to me and you

Welcome back from the summer! Our program year begins this week in earnest, which means a return to our usual worship schedule. This Sunday, we return to two services on Sunday mornings: 8am and 10:15am. If you're reading this, you're very much invited to join us.

You may notice that this is also my first Sunday back at St. Paul's since my parental leave began. And wow is it a mix of emotions! I loved being home during this challenging transition to parenthood, but at the same time, I've missed you all and am excited to be back.

John and Hannah are looking forward to coming to St. Paul's to see you all sometime soon, too. We're trying to keep photos of her off the internet, for the most part. Instead, stop by the bulletin board outside the office to see a few printed photos this Sunday!

While I was away, I somehow also finished my coursework for my Master of Sacred Theology (STM) at Yale Divinity School. I was able to carry Hannah with me while I walked at commencement. If you squint you can see her in this photo with me.

More information and announcements about this coming year will come in the next few weeks as I get my feet under me. Thank you for your patience with me while I finish turning on my "church brain" again after spending so much effort getting my "mom brain" up and running.

And thank you infinitely to Rev. Mo and the many amazing lay leaders at St. Paul's who stepped up and kept things humming along over the past few months. It meant so much to know that, between them and the Holy Spirit, our community was in good hands while I was away.


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