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  • Rev. Helena Martin

Christmas 2022 Fun

When I was growing up, I almost never went to church on Christmas Morning.

Christmas Eve was for church. Sometimes, I went to two or three services on Christmas Eve, depending on which my family was attending and whether or not I was singing in a choir. But almost never on Christmas Morning.

Christmas Morning was for presents. As important as church was at Christmas, it was a distant memory as soon as would I first see our tree with presents under it.

So, as clergy, I never expected to see many people at a Christmas Morning Eucharist. That’s why, at the beginning of Advent, I suggested something fun: anyone who would be there on Christmas Morning was encouraged to attend in pajamas. (Mainly, I really didn’t want to have to get out of pajamas on Christmas.)

What a beautiful surprise, then, that this year, almost 25% of our Christmas attendees were there on Christmas Morning! And half of them wore pajamas!

One thing I love about St. Paul’s is that, while we take worship seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. I loved connecting with some of the kids over my Baby Yoda Christmas pajama pants and seeing the fun pajamas everyone wore.

One more detail from our Christmas worship: at the 4pm service on Christmas Eve, I noticed just before worship began that our altar party was entirely female. Priest, server, Eucharistic minister, crucifer, and torch bearers—all of us were women or girls. The altar party prays together before we begin worship, but before beginning that prayer, I reminded them, “Very recently, not one of us would’ve been allowed to do what we’re about to do.” Some of them were surprised, so I explained that a bunch of women sitting in the pews that night had wanted to serve as acolytes growing up, but hadn’t been allowed to.

Our accidentally all-female altar party was completely normal at St. Paul’s. But in the history of the Christian church, it was remarkable. What an honor to be part of something so special to celebrate the birth of our savior!

Merry Christmas, all!

P.S. Most Valuable Player award goes to Cori, who served at all three Christmas services with me.


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