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  • Mary Palinkos

It's Not Too Late

How have you been celebrating Black History Month?

I have to admit that, with COVID and school and transitioning back to in-person worship, February has been flying by. At the very least, I usually try to read a memoir or history book about a Black person or Black history in February. (The book has to be written by a Black author, as well.) Even that hasn’t happened this year.

But! We have more than a week left in the month. It’s not too late!

And this week I happened across a resource from an Episcopal parish not too far from us.

Christ Church Trumbull (CCT) has formed what they call the CCT Anti-Racism Alliance. It’s led by five young women in their parish who’ve been inspired to take transformative action in their context. I’m really moved by the work they’re doing.

Luckily for us, they created a Black History Month resource full of information, prayers, reflections, and resources. You can download their Black History Month Reflection Guide, created by Vanessa Woods, here.

Celebrating Black History Month isn’t a box for us to check or something we should get credit for. Instead, it’s one of many small commitments I make, one part of my work to undo the systematic racism that’s instilled in me by our world.

What are you doing for Black History Month this year?

Oh, and by the way, I’m still going to read a book. I just downloaded the audiobook for Dear White Peacemakers by Osheta Moore.

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