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  • Mary Palinkos

Outside My Comfort Zone

When I had the opportunity to join this summer’s pilgrimage trip, I was both excited and apprehensive. I can’t remember the last time I went camping; I’m an Inside Person through and through. And on this trip to the Grand Tetons, we were going to be semi-camping: staying in tent-cabins with no electricity or water, and cooking outside.

Despite my apprehensions about the accommodations, I said yes. I wanted the chance to spend more time with this class of youth who spent the past year learning online— including in confirmation class with Fr. Kevin and me.

Wow, am I glad God strengthened me to agree to step outside my comfort zone this week!

We walked and hiked almost a marathon‘s worth of distance. We cooked and ate and met outside our tents. We swam in at least three different lakes and whitewater rafted down the Snake River. We visited two different national parks and saw bison, elk, a moose, a bear, bald eagles, and a marmot. We reveled in the glory of God’s creation and sought Christ in one another and in ourselves.

I’m so grateful to this group for inviting me in. It was a week I will never forget. Thanks be to God!

Youth of St. Paul’s stand grouped in front of a wooden chapel building with mountains in the background
Chapel of the Transfiguration


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